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What kind of sensors does NEWBASE vehicular control system use? 2016-08-02

There are mainly several types of sensors for vehicle air condition system as below, NEWBASE control system take these sensors as detecting points to control the each equipment of air conditioner unit. 

1.Inside temperature sensor

The inside temp sensor are NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermosensitive resistor type. The resistance value varies with temperature and send the single to aircon control unit. 

Inside temperature sensor is also called Interior temp sensor, room temp sensor. For example in car, It’s fixed in the air suction device behind the instrument desk normally.

1- Temperature sensor grid

2- Air Condition control panel

3- Radio control head

With the different air guide type, inside temperature sensor is divided into aspirated type and motor type. Pls refer to below figures.

The structure of aspirated type sensor

1- Air suction device

2- Control panel of warming device

3- Sensor

4- Air suction device

5- Thermistor


The structure of motor type sensor


1-       thermistor

2-       Air fan

3-       Fan motor


The working principle of aspirated type sensor

There is a exhaust column connecting sensor and air condition pipe and a device for Venturi effect at the joint. It generates negative pressure when fan motor working and air flow go though quickly, then a few air flow past the sensor.

1- Air inlet

2- In-vehicle air

3- Instrument desk

4- Inside temperature sensor

5- Air suction pipe

6- Carrying pipe

7- Air outlet

8- Main air flow


2. Outside temperature sensor

The working principle is same with inside temperature senor.

Outside temperature sensor is also called exterior temp sensor, ambient temperature sensor. For example in car, It’s fixed in the front bumper or ahead of the radiator. It’s impressionable by outside condition, so it’s protected in a resin shell from sudden change of temperature, so that to detect the average temp value.

1- Outside temp senor

2- Condenser

3- Thermistor

4- Resin shell


3. Evaporator temp sensor

Evaporator sensor is also called defrost temp sensor, it’s used for detecting the evaporator surface temp to regulate the air blend door and compressor. It stops compressor when reach some temp value, prevent evaporator surface freezing.  There are two sensors for evaporator in some vehicle, one is for fix the air blend door, one is for defrosting.

Some thermistor of evaporator is mounted on the Heat Transfer Fin, some is at the air outlet of evaporator to detect the air out of.



1-Air cooling device

2- Evaporator

3-Evaporator sensor

4. Water temp sensor

Water temp sensor is mounted on the water carrier bottom of heat exchanger to detect the temperature of cooling water, and send the signal to air condition control unit.

It is used to 

> Detect the core temperature of heat exchanger to regulate the air blend door.

> Prevent generator working under high temperature.

> Control the fan motor. When water temp is too low, system would start preheating function, prevent cold air out. If the water temp is lower than setting temp, fan motor would work at low speed or not work.


5. Solar sensor

Solar sensor is a light sensitive diode, transform the sunlight amount into current value signal by photoelectric effect and send it to air conditioner control unit to regulate the air blowing and temperature of air conditioning unit.

1.       light sensitive diode

2.       solar sensor


The solar sensor could be used for NEWBASE Sunshine Measurement SystemIn the moving way, the sun continually shines to one window side, which is prone to different temps of vehicular two sides. This system could automatically detect the two sides’ temps and adjust fan speed, air flow in different positions to balance the whole vehicle inside temp.


6. Other

Air Quality Sensors, Humidity sensor, DPS-Differential Pressure Sensor, etc.

These sensors are optional for NEWBASE control panel for bus air condition, mid bus / mini bus air conditioning, truck air conditioner, van aircon system.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us.