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  • ac water valve
Plastic Water Valve

Regulate the water flow by the valve opening driven by actuator.

Main functions:

  • Hot water flow ON/OFF
  • Regulate heating capacity

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NENEWASE water valve is combined by NEWBASE actuator and the valve body.


Regulate the water flow by the valve opening driven by actuator. 

2.Application case:
NEWBASE water valve is widely used for Vehicular Air Conditioning & Heating Control System, such as bus, van, auto ,engineering truck, refrigeration system and so on.
• Bracket: plentiful selects, or customization;
•  Lever: plentiful selects, or customization;
• Connector: customization.
Power supply DC12V /DC24V/DC48V
Medium cold ,hot water
Medium temp -5°c--100°c
Flow characteristic ON/OFF, linear, graded
Max diameter DN13(inner), DN17(outer)
Leakage rate <1L/h(no leakage at factory)
Interface form hoop
Rotation angle 90°c
Installation Horizontally,  upright
Ambient temperature -30°c—80°c
Storage temperature -40°c—85°c
Maintenance Maintenance free
Dimensions 112x57x72mm, (wire length could be customized)
Weight 175g
Quality certification TS16949/ISO9001

Light design,  Easy connection. 
Mass production, cost in control. 
Wire cable and connector model could be modified as per customer need. 

According to the actual application, different actuator is optional.

ON/OFF Type — two wires, it open the valve to some an angle and close by changing the polarity of wiring.

Switch ON/OFF Type — three wires, it turn on/off the valve by putting through/cutting off the control wire.

Temp Type — five wires, the actuator operates by switching the polarity of wiring, it could also give a feedback of the opening to the HVAC system.

Mode Type — seven wires, it could control the valve to stop on different opening percentage.

Voltage control Type — it turn on/off the valve gradually , driven by 0~10 V voltage signal .

Manual Type — the valve is on/off by hand with a force arm. 

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