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  • bus cooling control panel
CK200218 Bus Air Conditioning & heating Controller

CK200218 automatic controller applies to bus internal climate control.

Main functions:

  • logo customer-design
  • Cooling & heating
  • Program customer-design
  • Power-down memory
  • Error alarm & Error Code
  • Interior & Exterior  temp display
  • Multi-air volume regulation
  • Auto voltage protection

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CK200218 automatic controller applies to vehicle internal climate control.

Main function
Cooling YES
Heating YES
Fresh Air YES
Auto Control YES
Power lost memory YES
Error alarm YES
Auto over-voltage protection YES
Air flow regulation 3 grades
Interior temp display YES
Exterior temp display NO

The shift function (check by manual operation)
-Air outlet temp display
-Compel cooling

Power supply DC24V/12V
Power consumption 3w
Current Max.200mA
Dimensions(mm) 132x62x54mm
Input 1) Interior temp. sensor 2)Defrost sensor 3)Pressure switch 4)ACC power 5)Backlight power
Output 1)Compressor clutch 2)Fan high 3)Fan medium 4)Fan low 5)Fresh air
Display LED
Ambient temperature -30°c—80°c 5%-95%RH Non-condensing
Storage temperature -10°c—70°c 5%-95%RH Non-condensing
Display precision Temp value. Dual digit display, Accuracy,1 °c
Protection IP43
EMC EN50081&EN50082-2
Security level Applied to EN61010-II,Pollution degree :II
Weight: 260g

a.Cooling & Heating control. Heating control is optional
b.Standard Product, Fast Delivery
c.Program customer-design
d.Custom Logo

a.Cooling type
b.Standard Product, Fast Delivery
c.Program customer-design
d.Custom Logo

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