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Refrigeration Controller for truck,van, transportation refrigeration unit 2016-12-08
 Transportation refrigeration unit is mainly mounted on the refrigerated van, refrigerated truck & container, which is used to regulate the temperature of refrigerated body, in order to help protect our urban food supply and other perishable cargo. 

The refrigeration unit can be set to the desired temperature and maintained at that temperature throughout the entire journey. They are suited to transporting fresh, frozen, deep frozen goods at temperatures of around −30ºC to 30ºC (−22°F to 86ºF).

Thereby, a intelligent, easy for operation , accurate control panel is necessary.


NEWBASE refrigeration controller could meet almost all kinds of refrigeration control demand.



● Direct driven transport refrigeration unit ,which is driven by vehicle engine.


● Diesel driven refrigeration unit,  including a special diesel engines, which is driven by its own diesel engines. And there is nothing to do with vehicle engine on / off,


● DC powered refrigeration unit, which is driven by the vehicle’s battery


The controller drive the evaporator, condenser, compressor to work properly as per customer setting parameter, so as to keep the refrigeration chamber in best cooling performance.  

Common direct driven type- 

DC powered type- 

Meanwhile, we could also provide mounting bracket if needed. 

NEWBASE would give best solution as per your actual application, controller for double chamber refrigeration unit is available. 

Pls check our catalogue to get more information.