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PTC element heating for electric vehicle air conditioners 2023-10-10
PTC is a direct heating resistance material that generates heat when energized, which can be used for air conditioning heating. For example, some electric vehicle air conditioners have 8 PTC heating elements inside (as shown in the figure below). The air conditioner driver supplies the battery high-voltage power to each element. The power can reach 300~600W, which is used to heat cold air or coolant. . The early heating device used PTC heating strips to directly heat the cold air into hot air, and then used a fan to blow out the hot air. In order to improve the efficiency of the heater, most current heating methods use water as the medium. The water is heated and sent to the radiator in the air-conditioning duct, and then blown by the fan to the cabin or windshield to increase the temperature inside the cabin. and remove frost from the windshield.