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Bus Air Conditioner Control
Mini bus,Truck,Van,Car Air Conditon Controller
Electric Air Condition Controller
Transport Refrigeration Unit Controller
Heating Valve
Motor AC Blend Door Actuator
Relay Board
Bus/Van/Car Air purfication unit
Elevator/Hotel room/Home use air purification unit
Transport Refrigeration Unit
Fresh Air Damper
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How DC-DC converters work 2024-03-07
The working principle of DC-DC converters usually uses switching power supply technology to adjust the output voltage and current by controlling the on-off time of the switch. Switching power supply technology can be divided into two types: hard switching and soft switching. Hard switching means that the voltage and current change simultaneously when the switch is switched on and off, while soft switching controls the on-off time of the switch to make the voltage and current change very little before and after the switch is turned on and off. Soft switching technology has the advantages of higher efficiency, smaller size and weight, and is therefore widely used in modern DC-DC converters.